Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Spicy stir fry

Made a stir fry for my husband's birthday dinner. I quite like stir frys, but I'm a bit hit and miss about making them. They often end up too sloppy, probably because I crowd the wok or it's not hot enough.

Anyway, the night before I slices some fillet steak and marinated it in chopped garlic, tamari (Japanese soy sauce) and sake. Just enough to wet it, not too much.

To make the stir fry I chopped spring onions and ginger and fried them with some chilli flakes until it was just beginning to brown. I then added sliced green and red pepper and cooked for a minute. Then I put in the beef and marinade. When the beef was still pink I put in some par-boiled noodles and broccoli and then added some oyster sauce from a jar (not too much). I took it off the heat and stirred in plenty of chopped coriander.

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